Quantum computer量子コンピューター&新しい科学が可能となる?! 180912


解決できるそうだ。どういうことが可能になるのか? 少し見てみよう。




シュミレーション可能で 予測が各分野で可能となる。AIは益々進化



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に取って その現象を主役にしている。これが完成すれば 人類に貢献すると思うが、




衝撃 東大が開発した量子コンピュータが凄すぎる!!

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★次はThe National Institute of Informatics,

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.が



Japan’s boxlike quantum computer goes on display

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Aquantum computer prototype developed by the National Institute of Informatics,
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. and others is displayed in Atsugi, Kanagawa
on Nov. 20. (Takashi Sugimoto) ATSUGI, Kanagawa Prefecture–Now we know what
the Japanese quantum computer prototype looks like after its “shell” was unveiled here
Nov. 20: It’s a big gray 1.8-meters-tall box with a giant computer monitor beside it.
The planned cutting-edge machine will be freely available to look into from Nov. 27
if engineers apply in advance.
It may one day calculate faster than supercomputers but right now it can resolve only a
limited range of problems. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. has been developing
the machine at its Basic Research Laboratories in the city with the National Institute of
Informatics and other agencies.
“We hope the technology can be applied to develop new drugs and other purposes
from May 2018,” said Yoshihisa Yamamoto, the program manager for the research group.
The temperature of the box in which the computer is housed is strictly controlled as a
slight change can influence precise calculations..

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